Our programs

In cooperation with its partners, the Batani foundation develops today several strategic programs that help indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation to promote their human rights agenda, spread information about violations of their rights on lands, resources, and self-determination, and exchange experience with other indigenous communities and expert organizations around the world.

1. Indigenous leadership exchange program

The main aim of this program is to support initiatives of indigenous rights activists and community leaders from Russia in their efforts to establish contacts with indigenous communities, human rights, and environmental organizations, international human rights bodies, and development organizations abroad. The Batani foundation helps find resources and provides logistics for such exchanges, including traveling and online participation in international events.

2. Indigenous rights awareness program

Batani Foundation consistently develops the information program which supports indigenous peoples media in Russia and other countries. We promote information exchange of indigenous activists in social media, developing IP communities web-pages, publishing case studies, analytical reports, and other relevant papers on indigenous rights, indigenous peoples’ sustainable development, and their economic activities.

3. Indigenous Rights Watch

Batani Foundation is a member of the global indigenous peoples’ coalition – “Indigenous Peoples Rights International” which is initiated in 2019 to respond the global crisis of attacks on, and criminalization of Indigenous Peoples rights defenders. The co-founders of this initiative are Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Joan Carling, the former member of the UN Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues. Within the activity of this coalition the Batani foundation implement a program “Indigenous Rights Watch” in Russia which support indigenous activists and researchers in their work to study and publisize the indigenous rights violations and criminalization of indigenous leaders.