Ukraine’s parliament appealed to support self-determination of indigenous peoples in Russia

Ukraine’s parliament appealed to the international community to support the right to self-determination of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation. The corresponding resolution No. 8105 was supported by 322 people’s deputies.

The appeal emphasizes that, implementing its aggressive imperialist policy, Russia has been committing genocide against enslaved peoples for centuries, ignores the principle of equality and self-determination of peoples, and grossly violates the rights of indigenous peoples and citizens belonging to national minorities.

It is noted that even while waging a war of aggression against Ukraine, the Russian authorities are committing genocide against the peoples of the Russian Federation, in particular using mobilization for this purpose.

The Verkhovna Rada expresses its support for the inalienable right of the peoples of the Russian Federation to self-determination in accordance with the UN Charter, generally recognized norms and principles of international law.

The Parliament calls on the international community to take all necessary measures to stop the Kremlin regime’s persecution of the leaders and members of the national liberation movements of the peoples of the Russian Federation; cessation of the practice of deportation and internal displacement of Russian citizens with the aim of distorting the ethnic composition of the regions of the Russian Federation; indisputably guaranteeing the citizens of the Russian Federation the right to free expression of views, opinions, participation in peaceful assemblies, freedom of association, freedom of conscience and religion, as well as ensuring the free development of traditions and cultural identity of the peoples of Russia.

In addition, the parliament calls for the strengthening of all-round support for Ukraine for its victory in the Russian-Ukrainian war with the subsequent de-imperialization of the Russian Federation and the decolonization of the peoples annexed and kept within it.

In addition, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a statement in connection with the criminal decisions of the leadership of the Russian Federation regarding the attempt to annex the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts of Ukraine with a call to the world community.

The corresponding resolution No. 8091 was supported by 315 parliamentarians.

According to the text of the statement, the Verkhovna Rada addresses the United Nations, the European Union and NATO, the parliaments and governments of all countries of the world, international organizations, and all people of good will with a number of demands. In particular, the parliament calls to condemn the pseudo-referendums held by the Russian Federation with the aim of annexing the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine,

  • to increase the sanctions pressure on Russia and Russian officials,
  • to recognize the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism,
  • to introduce sanctions provided for a state sponsor of terrorism, including
  1. a full embargo on trade in energy carriers with state and private companies affiliated with the Russian Federation, and
  2. disconnection from the SWIFT system of all Russian financial institutions.

Also, it calls to support the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for Ukraine to become a member of the European Union and NATO as soon as possible.